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When Does the Season Start?

Generally the season begins the last week of April for most divisions.  The younger age groups start about a week later.  Teams can be scheduled Monday through Friday with usually two games per week.  All efforts are made to conclude the season by the second week of July to coincide with state tournament operations.  Two Saturdays during the season are reserved for any rescheduling due to weather cancellations that cannot be made up during the regular week.  View example of 
2009 Team Schedules

What if a Team Has Dates of Conflict?

With a little bit of diligence we can avoid many scheduling conflicts before they happen.  Coaches with teams made of players from the same school must identify dates of school activities that can be excluded from scheduling.  Please take this responsibility seriously.  With new scheduling software the need to reschedule games due to school and other known events can simply be avoided.  

How Much Does it Cost and What is Included?

The league charges a player registration fee for each player on the team. These registration fees basically cover our field supplies, umpiring costs, awards, and minor facility maintenance and upgrades. Each team essentially is run independent of the league, utilizing our organization for the facility use and scheduling of games and umpires. Currently the player registration fees are as follows:
  • 8u Division               $85.00
  • 10u Division             $135.00
  • 12u Division             $140.00
  • 14u Division             $145.00

The player registration fee does not cover team uniforms. Coaches are responsible for outfitting the team with uniforms. We can provide the coach with recommended vendors if necessary. Parents should discuss with their coach the additional cost of the uniforms specific to their team. Generally, uniforms can run anywhere from $35-$100, depending on what the coach chooses and where he chooses it from.

Because teams are independent of the league, some teams may choose to provide other activities outside of league play such as tournaments which we highly recommend.  Because of this parents should discuss with the coach the schedule he has put together for the season. Many teams will charge an additional team fee to cover these costs. For example, a team that is only planning on playing in our league and no tournaments, will have only the player registration fees and uniform costs to budget for. Another team may plan to do the same thing however they might add 4 tournaments in the season as well which would add an additional team fee that the coach might collect to cover those tournament registration fees. These can range anywhere from $15-$100  or more per player depending on the number of tournaments a coach might decide to put his team in.


How Are Teams Created?

By far the best way to join the league is to organize as much of a team as you can.  Start early, choose your players, plan a practice schedule, identify to the other parents what support you need, and goals for the group.  Assistance filling the roster and finding practice facilities can be given by the Northeast Baseball and Softball Association, but one parent must step to the front and shoulder some organizational responsibilities. You will be surprised at how many players come forward once a coach is identified and practice begins.  Individual registrants ("free agents") will be used to supplement teams in need of players or are assembled into new teams.

Does This League Provide Divisional Separation?

A comprehensive league must be structured to include all players.  No program should be exclusively competitive or entirely recreational. Coaches and parents must have options and information to appropriately place their children.  Competitive imbalances will never be eliminated.  However, to match players and teams to more evenly selected opponents is an important function in creating an elevated baseball experience.

What is the American Division?

The first consideration given to the placement of teams is matching play based upon similar rates of physical development.  Most age brackets for leagues and tournaments are sorted into divisions of ages 14 and under, 12 years and under, 10 under, or 8 under.  The American Division would simply be the teams built largely with 13's, 11's, 9's, or 7 year old players.  Each move up the age bracket entails an adjustment to new playing dimensions.  Newly formed teams of mixed ages might also fall into this category depending upon amount of organization, player experience, and number of practices before the season begins.

What is the National Division?

Teams in the National division will be older in age and\or experience.  They are assembled with players of narrow age classification for tournaments and post-season play.  Rosters will have remained largely intact for a number of years.  New Teams with a consistent returning nucleus, skilled recruitment, knowledgeable coaches with more rigorous practice and game schedules may feel that playing "Up" is the path to pursue for a more competitive experience towards the development of their players.

How are We Notified About Rain Delays and Cancellations?

Northeast Baseball is always trying to provide the proper amount of time for coaches to contact players in the event of weather related cancellations.  Our grounds crew personnel make recommendations on current field conditions at 3pm on game days.  If the fields have received rain and will be unplayable for games that day, league officials are notified, and information is disseminated by the league's notification system between 3-4pm. We will also post this information on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Be sure to follow us on both sites to stay up to date with important league information.

Once the fields are deemed playable by the grounds crew the decision to play next becomes the responsibility of umpires at the scheduled start time.  In the event of rain or anticipated rain between 4-6pm an assumption that the game will be played must be maintained.  The umpires on each field and umpire coordinator make decisions based upon the most current playing conditions.  Once umpires have delayed or discontinued games all attempts are made to utilize the rain hotline immediately to notify participants in the later scheduled games.  Forfeiture of games may result if teams do not show up at the scheduled start time.

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