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 Welcome to the 2015 NBC Hap Dumont 13U State Championship Tournament  hosted by Northeast Baseball!


Barton Bandits

Derby Grizz

Wichita Astros

Larned Indians

Wichita Reds

Southwest Hitters

Wichita Force

Wichita Ropers

Hays Predators


Pratt Outlaws

Midwest Stix 13u Blue

Midwest Stix 13u White

Wichita Hawks

Rattlers Baseball Club

Salina Nitro


Once again the Northeast Baseball Association will host the 2013 NBC Hap Dumont 13u State Championship at Southlakes Sports Complex located at 5300 S. Meridian, Wichita Ks, 67217. We are excited to have your teams and families join us for the weekend. Every year the NBC Hap Dumont State Championships give us the opportunity to watch some of the best youth baseball in the area, and we are sure that this year will be no different. Good luck to all of the teams competing and we look forward to meeting all of you.

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NBC Ranked Pools & Schedule








Friday, July 10th

Pool A

#1 Barton Bandits



#1 Barton Bandits vs #16 Monarchs


11:00 AM

(Field #8)

#8 Hays Predators



#8 Hays Predators vs #9 Derby Grizz


2:00 PM


#9 Derby Grizz



Pool A Winner vs Winner


5:00 PM


#16 Monarchs



Pool A Loser vs Loser


8:00 PM








Pool B

#2 Wichita Astros



#2 Wichita Astros vs #15 Midwest Stix 13u Blue


11:00 AM

(Field #7)

#7 Pratt Outlaws



#7 Pratt Outlaws vs #10 Larned Indians


2:00 PM


#10 Larned Indians



Pool B Winner vs Winner


5:00 PM


#15 Midwest Stix 13u Blue



Pool B Loser vs Loser


8:00 PM








Pool C

#3 Wichita Reds



#3 Wichita Reds vs #14 Wichita Hawks


11:00 AM

(Field #6)

#6 Midwest Stix 13u White



#6 Midwest Stix 13u White vs #11 Southwest Hitters


2:00 PM


#11 Southwest Hitters



Pool C Winner vs Winner


5:00 PM


#14 Wichita Hawks



Pool C Loser vs Loser


8:00 PM








Pool D

#4 Wichita Force



#4 Wichita Force vs #13 Nitro


11:00 AM

(Field #5)

#5 Rattlers Baseball Club



#5 Rattlers Baseball Club vs #12 Wichita Ropers


2:00 PM


#12 Wichita Ropers



Pool D Winner vs Winner


5:00 PM


#13 Nitro



Pool D Loser vs Loser


8:00 PM


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing mcass.nebaseball@gmail.com .